An Update

In all of the busyness of the past few months, we’ve abandoned ship in terms of blogging. Other things have quickly filled up our schedules and thoughts, and it’s only occurring to me now, in our final week of living in Chocó, that we haven’t yet posted an update on our lives.

IMG_7321In mid-June, we accepted jobs to continue working with MCC Colombia for about two and a half more years. Giles will become a co-facilitator of Seed 4, starting October 1, and I will be working in a variety of areas, including organizational strengthening, advocacy, and delegations. We are both really excited about the challenges ahead and being able to apply some of what we’ve lived and experienced as Seeders in Chocó to our future work.

We will be living in Bogotá. I anticipate it being a somewhat of an adjustment, although we do basically know how to get around and have a ring of support and relationships developed there. We’ll be moving from a place that is close to sea level, incredibly humid, and one of the rainiest places on earth to a place that is at about 8,000 feet and feels like a nice October day – most of the time. We’ll be moving from living surrounded by an Afro-Colombian culture, with all of its warmth, sass, and colors, where people tend to stroll down the street, to an urban culture where almost everyone wears dark colors and walks quickly and tensely down the street. We’ll be moving from our buzzing city of about thirty thousand people, which gets entirely clogged up when merely one truck has to pass through it, to a city of about eight million, which is almost constantly clogged with traffic. We’re moving from a place where everyone greets each other on the street to a place where almost no one does. It will be an adjustment.

IMG_1966It is always difficult to make decisions that keep you in a different country from your family and friends – one that we made two years ago. And it is difficult to make decisions that keep you away for more years. But as our time as Seeders is coming to a close, it feels right to continue living in Colombia and continue the work that we are doing, though perhaps from another side of the coin, and we feel an underlying sense of peace in the decision.

On Monday, we’ll finish packing up our house and fly to Bogotá for our Seed closing days and an MCC retreat. As of October 1st, we’ll begin our new jobs, with some time for transition and apartment hunting, and an escape to the Caribbean coast for a vacation.

We’re not sure if we’ll continue to blog. We’ll see how we feel as time goes on. Many thanks to those of you have followed our blog and kept us in your thoughts and prayers over the last two years!




4 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Keaton Shenk says:

    Thinking of you in this time of transition.

  2. rweanes3 says:

    Amy and Giles, As you transition, may God’s grace follow you, may your lives continue to be filled with colorful adventures, may meaningful relationships surround you, and may you see God in the midst of it all! Our love to you both! And happy birthday, Amy!! — Jane

  3. Cindy says:

    Amy and Giles, Many blessings to you as you close one part of your journey and venture into another part. Our prayers and love are with you as you adjust to your time in Bogota.
    And, Happy Birthday to you, dear Amy!

  4. rweanes3 says:

    Praying for you today as you transition. What an adventure you have had!

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